Correspondence and Online Courses

Thanks for your interest in correspondence programs and online courses of North and South Carolina Bible universities. Indeed, distance education becomes more and more popular among young people today, as it lets them save time and get good knowledge and skills anyway.

All correspondence and online courses you'll find here were designed by Carolina Bible colleges to be easily understood by every student. The goal of these distance education programs is to train young men and women and strengthen their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Explore the opportunity to take your first step in theological education, and learn the Bible better. Bible colleges and universities of North and South Carolina designed their correspondence courses to train young people the way they might find and understand their path in life, and they might train others afterward.

Here is the list of correspondence and online courses you may find in biblical colleges of North and South Carolina. You can check each of them directly to get the detailed information about all the requirements they have for students who want to study by correspondence, and choose the biblical college that would meet your needs most.

Correspondence Courses of North Carolina Bible Colleges

Apex School of Theology: - to check all the information and requirements for enrollment, and to apply for joining the distance education at this school, click here.

Campbell University: to check all online degree programs available here, you are welcome to click this link and check the official information from the university itself.

Cardner-Webb University:to check the information about all online programs this university offers to undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students, visit the page of their official website.

Grace College of Divinity: the detailed information about GCD Online Learning can be found here. Check their website website to decide whether their offers meet your needs and are of your interests.

Piedmont International University: to check the opportunities it provides for students who plan to study by correspondence or online, take a look at this page and learn all the requirements they have.

Shaw University: this institution offers online, hybrid and video courses for students who plan to study by correspondence. Visit the official website to lean more.

Shepherds Theological Seminary: three online courses are available at this seminary now. To learn all the details, to choose the course for yourself and to apply for it, click here.

Distance Education of South Carolina Bible Colleges

Anderson University: to choose among 13 online courses categories available at this biblical institution, check the page of its official site with all information and requirements described.

Cathedral Bible College: it has online and distance learning school with a self study method. Check all the information a student should know before enrollment here.

Charleston Southern University: this university offers 3 online programs for undergraduate students and 5 online programs for graduate students. To check which one would meet your needs most, visit the website.

North Greenville University: it provides Bachelor's and Graduate degree programs for students. To check the detailed information and all the requirements, you are welcome to click this link.

No matter what correspondence or online course you will choose, you will take the final exam at the end of them. This exam will cover all the material from text books, so you will be required to read all the information from books assigned to each online course you choose.

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